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The petroglyhps in the archaeological zone of La Proveedora on Caborca. los petroglifos de la zona arqueologica la Proveedora en Caborca.

The archaeological zone of la Proveedora is located to 10 kilometers from the city, there are severals places to visit, but only one is recomendable, this is visiting the Ranch Puerto Blanco at 6 kilometers from Caborca. without a doubt is the most important site in all México with petroglyphs, several archaeologist, students and tourist has visited the site attracted by the prestige of the old carved stones.
La zona arqueológica de la Proveedora se encuentra a 10 kilometros de la ciudad, sin duda alguna es el sitio más importante de petroglifos en todo México esto debido a la gran concentración de petrograbados que en ese medio natural se encuentran, estudiantes y turistas así como especialistas han visitado el lugar atraidos por el prestigio de los antiguos grabados en roca.

Is an special place, magic and amazing full of nature for everywhere.

The petroglyphs are carved in the stones of big mountain called La Proveedora, in order with some specialists is a mountain that belong to the prehistoric age, the precambrinc period, is posible to admire this mountain from the city which has two hills that emerge from the horizontal desert,

anyway La Proveedora is so huge that the archaeologists has divided in diferent areas to reach the best study.

I need to say that La Proveedora is a unknown site in Caborca, Mexico and all the World, at least nobody know about the existence of this petroglyphs, this is a vantage because the masive tourism has not arrived and all this has let the preservation of the same, also this is the moment to discover and enjoy this, few people arrive here to visit it, and only reall travelers, adventurers, explorers, archaeologist students, specialists, journalist are coming to Caborca to enjoy this archaeological wonderful, but some times is posible to see a tourist looking for the petroglyhs.

La Proveedora has an special enviorement semideserted, colonised for endemic and rares plants like the Carnegia Giganta better known like the Sahuaro, Choya, Biznaga, Palo verde, includes Palo fierro, Pitahaya, Cardon and great variety of plants.

The fauna is represented by the rabits, juancitos, ardillas, jabaline, coyote turtles, lizards and a big variety of birds like the capulinero, hawk, cardenal, codornice, eagles, gorriones. humingbird all this turns what in to a paradise for the bird wacthers.

All this nature, flora, fauna and the man are finely represented in the stones, for me is imposible to say how many petroglyphs can exists because the site is huge that im sure that the archaeoligist will discover more and more some writes and archaeologits consider the existence it has up to 5,300 petroglyps

I read some book about thi site and i dont have an exact date of the discovering; but maybe a lot o peopple always konw about its existence, because some disigngs are very old and other are more modern and other are false made it for ignorant people, anyway Carl Lumbhotls has mentuioned the existence of the petroglyphs in 1909 in the book "......"

Dominique Balereau has studied and clasified in groups in order to its nature, for example those that represent the zoomorphic, the fitomorfic, antropomorphic, geometric and astronomic elements

Guides and some specialist say petroglyps were made it to show the human activity and nature, but besides these were to sing the routes of the people that walk to the sea shore looking for the salt, shells and other products from the sea shore, this human groups belong to a clasification and culture called "Trincheras Tradition" integrated in several ages for groups that intereacted in the south of USA and the north o México this human groups were the Mogollon, Anazasi and Hohokam correspondig to 600 b.c. this speak about the probably age of the site. in la Proveedora there are not only petroglyps also is posible to admire at least buried in the sand of the desert some vestiges of their old homes and structures called "trincheras" thus is posible to discover remains of poutery

to visit the zone you need severals days but if you want a tour three hours is enouhgf,

talking about the Ranch Puerto Blanco is an exelent ant the best place to organize a visit
from the main entrance you have to do a nice and interesting walking of one kilometer, is posible to visit the site in car like jeep, or pick up, but you won´t enjoy the desert, we recomend to walk and organize the hikking , shure you will be amazing with the plants, animals, the stones, include the air, you mus´nt forget two liters of water per person in you back pack culture, a challenger and adrenaline.

Archaeological Zone of La Proveedora.

Archaeological Zone of La Proveedora.